Ask Dr. Bob: Reflect on the Meaning in Your Life for a Happier 2023

Ending the year and beginning a new one is a time to look back on the experiences we’ve had and give some thought to what we’d like our lives to be like in the future. Most people want the year ahead, and their lives in general, to have some meaning or importance. Although you are probably not going to change the world in 2023, now is a good opportunity to reflect on finding meaning and how you can be happier.

Of course, happiness means different things to different people. However, there are a few basic things we all can do to bring some happiness into our lives.

Taking care of your body is one. That means eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, exercising, and getting enough sleep because generally, people who feel physically well are happier. Getting regular health care is also important. Are you overdue for a physical or cancer screening? Talk to your Zufall provider to assess your needs to optimize your health this year.

You also need to maintain social connections off all kinds — with family, friends, work colleagues, casual acquaintances. Staying engaged with people you care about and those who care about you contributes to a happier life. COVID has shown us that while we can stay connected to our loved ones virtually, there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction with the people we love.

So take some time and think a bit about what you’d like your life to mean in 2023 and what you can do about it. I hope it will make you happier.

Happy New Year and Be Well!

Zufall founder Robert Zufall, M.D., is a retired urologist.


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