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What is Family Planning?

Planning, preventing, and spacing pregnancies are important and personal life decisions. The ability of individuals and couples to plan and anticipate their desired number of pregnancies is known as Family Planning. Planning for a child can help people avoid the social, psychological, physical, and financial problems they may face if an unplanned pregnancy happens. Planned pregnancies result in healthier babies and fewer medical problems and pregnancy-related deaths.

Zufall Health provides quality reproductive health and family planning services to adults and adolescents within a comprehensive primary medical care setting.

Our Services

  • Contraceptive counseling and services to assist in preventing unintended pregnancies, and planning and spacing births
  • Preventive health exams
  • Affordable contraceptives
  • Pregnancy testing and emergency contraceptives
  • Basic infertility services
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) screening and treatment
  • Pregnancy options counseling
Couple and Medical Provider Discussion

Who Is Eligible for Services?

Family Planning services are for all genders! If you are, or plan to be, sexually active, want to start a family, prevent pregnancy, are thinking about getting pregnant in the future, or are concerned about infertility, speak to your Zufall Health provider. Your provider can give you information to help you make the choices that are best for you.

While it is strongly recommended that minors (ages 13 – 17) speak to their parents or guardians about these important decisions, minors can legally access confidential family planning services without their parent or guardian’s permission.

You can make an in-person or telemedicine appointment here.

Sex Education for Teens and Young Adults

Watch video in Spanish.

Deciding if you’re ready to have sex is a big decision. Unprotected sex can result in pregnancy and/or a sexually transmitted infection (STI). When you feel you are ready to have sex, there are ways to lower the risk of pregnancy and STIs. Educating yourself about these ways can help you take care of yourself so you can pursue your goals and dreams without added challenges.

This video was funded by the New Jersey Department of Health Personal Responsibility Education Program, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services grant #2101NJPREP.