Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Justice

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Zufall Health upholds a core value of overcoming disparities based upon race, ethnicity, religion, language, income, country of origin, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, immigration status, or other demographic factors. Correcting inequities in health care is a fundamental purpose of Zufall Health. We recognize that racism, sexism, prejudice, and its often-related violence, is a public health crisis. People of color and other marginalized groups experience inequities that can lead to difficulty in accessing services, poor health outcomes and disparate rates of disease and mortality.

We also understand that unequal and unfair treatment persists in our society and can cause both individual trauma as well as collective trauma to communities. This kind of trauma can lead to significant health issues or intensify existing problems. Zufall Health is steadfast in our dedication to addressing health disparities by providing access to quality, affordable, and culturally sensitive health care to people and communities who experience barriers to care. As a Community Health Center, we address health inequities in many ways, including:

    • Our health centers are in high need areas and open to all regardless of ability to pay. To provide access to services and improve the quality and cultural sensitivity of service delivery, we build relationships with, and an understanding of, the communities we serve.
    • We have a talented, diverse staff that reflects the communities we serve.
    • We train employees in Trauma Informed Care so they can better understand, recognize, and respond to all kinds of trauma to ensure patients feel physically, psychologically, and emotionally safe.
    • Our Board of Directors, a majority of whom are our patients, are representative members of the communities we serve and are passionate promoters of our mission.
    • We partner with community providers that address social issues and support prevention and wellness.
    • We regularly review our policies and practices to ensure they are aligned to supporting equitable and respectful treatment of all.

We continually strive to be a learning organization and so we are open to ongoing feedback and input from employees, patients, and community members of how we can best pursue our vision to “create equal opportunity for good health.” At any time, please share your thoughts by calling any of our offices or emailing