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Zufall Health’s data-driven approach enables our providers to engage in clinical research. Their research contributions, compiled here, inform care and policy for people and communities facing barriers to health care.

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National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) in collaboration with Cicatelli Associates Inc. Contributors: Wilson, Gina DNP, RN, FNP; Bitterman, Jacalyn MD, FAAP, FSAM; Lose, Jane ANP, CNM; Jones, Josephine MPA, RN; Ramirez, Rina MD, FACP; Rose, Stephanie CCE
‘Quality Improvement Package for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Care
February 2024

Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Care

Ramirez, Rina MD, FACP; Castro; Bishop, Douglas MD; Milibeth MPH; Gomez, Rachel APN-BC
Autonomous AI at PointofCare Improves Eye Exam Testing Rates for Patients With Diabetes’
National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) Community Health Initiatives (CHI) Conference
August 2023

Improving Eye Exam Screening Rates for Patients with Diabetes - CHI Poster 8.9.2023

Cirillo, Matthew;  Castro, Milibeth MPH; Ramirez, Rina MD, FACP
‘Expansion of a Self Monitoring Blood Pressure Program Across Multiple Sites’
National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) Community Health Initiatives (CHI) Conference
August 2022

Bishop, Douglas M.D.; Soesanto, Natasha B.A.; Sharma, Arjun B.S.
‘Implementation of Point-of-Care Diabetic Retinal Exams Using Autonomous AI in a Federally Qualified Health Center’
New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians
April 2022

Bishop, Douglas M.D.; Whidden, Elizbeth B.A.; Kim, Ji B.A.; Amaya, Jenniffer B.A.; Ramirez, Rina M.D.
‘New Immigrant Case Management: Responding to the Southwest Border Crisis in a New Jersey FQHC’
National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) Community Health Initiatives (CHI) Conference
August 2021

Wakim, Sam DMD; Ramirez, Rina M.D.; Abel, Stephen DDS, MSD; Walker, Sarah MPH MBA; Lavigne, Howard BS; O’Shea, Laura MPH
‘New Jersey FQHC Process Improvement Increases Oral Health Access for HIV Patients’
Journal of Dental Science Research Review & Reports
July 2021

Wakim, Sam DMD MPH; Friedman, Dovid MD, MBBCh, Turbiner, Eva MA; Halpert, Shmuel BA; Kaminetzky, Jeffrey MD;
Christenbury, Sarah BA
‘Aerosol-generating Procedures and Decision Drivers for COVID Preprocedure Testing’
Journal of Medical – Clinical Research & Reviews
June 2021

Wakim, Sam DMD, MPH; Ramirez, Rina M.D.; Kotler, Amy M.D.; Grover, Jane DDS, MPH, CAAP; Cantor, Kelly MPH
‘Giving It A Shot: An Interprofessional Program to Improve Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccination Rates in a Health Center Setting’
American Academy of Pediatrics
September 2020

Bishop, Douglas M.D.; Rentzepis, Peter B.A.; Ramirez, Rina M.D.
‘The Surge of Central American Immigrant Families: A View from the Trenches and Ideas Toward Caring for the Entire Family’
National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) Community Health Initiatives (CHI) Conference
August 2020

Wakim, Sam DMD MPH; Ramirez, Rina MD
‘Dental Interventions Improve Youth HPV Vaccination Rates to Help Prevent Oral Cancer’
Oral Health & Dental Science
August 2020

Kuehn, Bridget M. MSJ
‘Trauma-Informed Care May Ease Patient Fear, Clinician Burnout’
Journal of the American Medical Association
January 2020

Blanchfield, Michelle MPH; Wakim, Sam DMD, MPH; Ramirez, Rina M.D.
‘A Snapshot of Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers Served at Zufall Health’
New Jersey Rural Health Symposium
April 2016

Amado, Claudia: Baron, Jacqueline; Driscoll, Gavan; Eirich, Laura; Falkin, Monica; Maldonado, Yamira; Weiner, Rebecca
‘The Effect of Medicaid Expansion on Primary Care Utilization at an FQHC, 1 Year Later’

Bishop, Douglas M.D.; Ramirez, Rina M.D.
‘Caring for Unaccompanied Minors from Central America’
American Academy of Family Physicians
November 2014

Kotler, Amy M.D.; Ramirez-Alexander, Rina M.D.; Kotler, Mitchell Ph.D.; Odedele Olajumoke, B.A.
‘An Effective Intensive Exercise and Nutrition Program for Obese Latino School Age Children Provided in an Accessible and Culturally Sensitive Manner’
Atlantic Health System Research and Innovation Day Symposium

Bishop, Douglas M.D.; Altshuler, Marc M.D.; Scott, Kevin M.D.; Panzer, Jeffrey M.D.; Mills, Geoffrey M.D, Ph.D.; McManus, Patrick M.D.
‘The refugee medical exam: What you need to do’
The Journal of Family Practice
December 2012

Ramirez, Rina MD; Lawson, Teresita BS Pharm, CDE
‘The IMPACT of Clinical Pharmacy Services on the Health of High-Risk Patients’
American Diabetes Association 5th Annual Disparities Partnership Forum
October 2012

Ramirez, Rina MD; Press, Sarah MSW LSW; Mangogna, Marvelia CSW
‘Improving the Quality of Life of Seniors through Group Participation’
April 2012