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At Zufall, our staff is committed to helping patients connect with needed specialty services or community programs to ensure continuity of care. In addition, we provide special patient navigators who focus on facilitating the appropriate care for specific individuals or those in specific circumstances. These navigation services include:

Older Adults and Seniors Navigation


Older Adult Services

      • Provides bilingual (English/Spanish) case management to adults 55+ living in Morris or Somerset County
      • Ongoing or one-time assistance includes help with scheduling appointments, setting up transportation, and linkage to community resources
      • For Zufall patients only

Financial support for Older Adult Services is provided by the Somerset Hills Community Health Foundation.


Intensive Senior Support Services

      • Provides bilingual (English/Spanish) intensive case management and support to patients 60+ living in Morris County
      • Intensive, ongoing case management services include assistance with scheduling appointments, transportation, linkage to resources for food, housing, and other community services, home visits, and accompaniment to appointments
      • Open to the community

Financial support for Intensive Senior Support Services is provided, in part, by the Morris County Board of Commissioners.


If you or someone you know can benefit from either of these programs, contact Priscilla La Paz at 973-328-9100 ext. 1541 or

Breast Health Navigation

Zufall’s Breast Health Patient Navigator offers one-on-one assistance to patients linking them to breast cancer screenings, diagnostic exams, and treatment. When needed, the Breast Health Patient Navigator not only provides patient education on the risks and benefits involved in breast health, but also acts as an advocate in appointment setting, eligibility program enrollment, and insurance issues. Working with our Breast Health Navigator, patients receive the support necessary to help them overcome their fears, understand the diagnosis and treatment process, and eliminate health care system delays when time is of the essence.

For more information, contact Carmen Ortiz at 973-328-9100, ext. 1552.

Cancer Screening Navigation

Zufall’s Somerville site is the lead agency for the NJ Cancer Education and Early Detection Program (NJCEED) in Somerset County. The program connects Somerset County residents to screening and diagnostic services for breast, cervical, colorectal, and prostate cancers.

For more information, contact Denise Fallon at 908-526-2335, ext. 1135.