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Submit art to be considered for our Spring 2024 exhibition “Opening Access: Exploring the Artistry of Entryways” by April 22, 2024.
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Zufall Health is bringing the world of art to our patients. Through our Arts In Health Program, we are providing local professional and amateur artists the opportunity to showcase their creative talents and cultural diversity on the walls of our landmark Dover building.

The Arts In Health program adds another dimension to the care we provide by drawing upon the therapeutic value of art in the healing process. We believe fine art adds a sense of comfort and beauty to an atmosphere traditionally considered sterile, and helps alleviate the anxiety of being in a medical setting.

On a broader scale, our intent is to reach beyond our patients and staff to culturally enrich our community by providing new channels for creative expression and by inspiring an appreciation of the arts to individuals who typically may not have access to mainstream visual arts experiences.

For information, contact the Curator Amanda Barron.

Zufall Health is a proud member of the Arts and Culture Collaborative, an association of museums, galleries, theaters, schools and other organizations from across Morris County. The Collaborative’s mission is to work together to create innovative projects that that will benefit the arts, culture and all citizens of Morris County.

For more information, visit the Collaborative’s website.