HIV Testing/Counseling

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If you feel you may be at risk or are unsure of your HIV status, Zufall Health offers free, confidential Rapid HIV Testing and Sexually Transmitted Disease Screenings as well as Counseling Services.

Free and confidential tests and screenings

  • You may call 973-328-9100 ext. 1338 to schedule an appointment or you may be seen on a walk-in basis.
  • If you are interested in HIV testing only, you will be asked to go through a quick registration before seeing one of the state-certified HIV testing counselors free of charge.
  • If you would like complete Sexually Transmitted Disease testing, you must schedule an appointment with a medical provider. This service is subject to the sliding fee-scale.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone be routinely tested for HIV/AIDS once a year.

  • If you have not been tested recently, ask your medical provider at your next visit about getting tested.
  • Should you test positive for HIV/AIDS, we will provide intensive medical case management and support services to help directly link you to medical care at one of our Ryan White Program locations or an external location of your choosing.

For information and up-to-date findings about HIV/AIDS, please visit