Photo of Franklin High School staff in "Know More" T-shirts

Denim Day at Franklin High School Raises Awareness About Sexual Assault

On Wednesday, April 25, Franklin High School celebrated National Denim Day, an event that raises awareness about sexual assault. Guidance Counselors, Student Assistance Counselors, the Program Coordinator of Zufall Health’s Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (APPI) and many students participated in the day to educate their peers about this important issue.

Denim Day was created after a ruling in the 1990’s by the Italian Supreme Court which overturned a rape conviction because the justices felt that since the teenage victim was wearing tight jeans she must have helped her rapist remove them, thereby implying she consented to sex. The next day, the women in the Italian Parliament came to work wearing jeans to protest the decision. Read more about Denim Day HERE!

During the month of April, morning school announcements were made to inform school staff and students about Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Denim Day and to encourage participation in the event. On the day of the event, in addition to wearing “kNOw More” t-shirts, Franklin High School’s Teen Prevention Education Program (PEP) students, in partnership with APPI, distributed teal bracelets (teal is the official color for sexual violence awareness prevention) to students in classrooms while asking students to share the significance of wearing denim that day. PEP students distributed bags of candy to classmates that also contained facts related to sexual assault statistics, awareness, and prevention.

Denim Day at Franklin High School was a wonderful collaboration between Zufall Health and the school, and the overall effort and support put forth by all staff and students was magnificent.

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