Rippel Foundation Grant to Support Zufall Health COVID Services

Zufall Health has received $25,000 in general operating and programmatic funds from the Rippel Foundation, a national foundation focused on health system transformation. Zufall was one of nine organizations “advancing equitable, sustainable approaches to health and well-being in New Jersey and other communities” awarded funding.

The grant marks the second consecutive year that Rippel has provided financial support to Zufall. Eva Turbiner, Zufall President and Chief Executive Officer, said that, like last year, the funding will be used for COVID services. Thanks to supporters like Rippel, Zufall administered more than 40,000 COVID tests and more than 33,000 vaccinations by the end of 2021 at no cost to patients.

In January 2022, Zufall became part of the first cohort of providers to participate in the federal Test-to-Treat program. Through this program, patients who test positive for COVID and are at high risk of developing severe disease are prescribed a lifesaving oral antiviral medication. The Rippel grant will also support the medical delivery of Test-to-Treat at Zufall, one of the only health centers in New Jersey offering the antiviral treatment.

“We are very fortunate to have again received a grant from the Rippel Foundation to control the spread of the virus in underserved communities. The generous award will help Zufall continue to offer free COVID tests and vaccines and now facilitate access to treatments. These tools are critical to the health of our vulnerable patient population, which has been disproportionately harmed by COVID,” said Turbiner.

Headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, the Rippel Foundation was established in 1953 to invest in initiatives addressing cancer, heart disease, the health of women and the elderly, and the maintenance of our nation’s hospitals. Today, Rippel is a national nonprofit operating foundation with one primary strategic purpose: to be a catalyst for an equitable future for health and well-being.

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