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Morristown Neighbor F.M. Kirby Foundation Awards Generous Grant to Zufall Health

Zufall Health is grateful to announce the receipt of a $30,000 grant from Morristown-based F.M. Kirby Foundation. The grant will provide critical general operating support to Zufall Health’s Morristown facility at 4 Atno Avenue, which provides medical, dental, and behavioral health services to the greater Morristown community.

Zufall’s clinical sites provide patient-centered care for medically under-resourced populations. Located near the center of town and accessible to public transit, Zufall-Morristown serves approximately 14,000 patients annually. In 2021, 66 percent of Zufall-Morristown patients identified as Hispanic/Latinx, 57 percent did not have health insurance, and 9 percent were experiencing homelessness.

F.M. Kirby’s grant will offset the cost of critical improvements to quality and safety at Zufall-Morristown for its vulnerable patient population. Future construction at 4 Atno Avenue will create private consult rooms for telemedicine appointments, airborne infection isolation rooms, and storage space for personal protective equipment.

The funding provides support at a critical time during the COVID-19 crisis. Zufall-Morristown, which provided COVID testing and vaccinations, as well as general primary and preventive services, over the past two years, saw a 58 percent increase in patients from 2019 to 2021. “The grant from F.M. Kirby brings urgently needed support, so that Zufall-Morristown providers can continue to focus on our clinical priorities, while also leveraging the best approaches to address the spread of COVID-19.”

Zufall President and Chief and Executive Officer Eva Turbiner echoed Cronan’s gratitude. “This gift from F.M. Kirby is a tremendous honor and recognizes our meaningful impact on Morristown’s residents who face high barriers to health care. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our neighbors at F.M. Kirby and look forward to continuing our partnership to foster good health for under-resourced members of the Morristown community,” said Turbiner.

Based in the historic Sansay House in downtown Morristown, the F.M. Kirby Foundation is a family foundation established in 1931 that supports a wide array of education, health, environmental, arts, religious, public affairs, and human services organizations. The foundation aims to “invest in opportunities that foster self-reliance or otherwise create strong, healthy communities.”

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