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A Message from Eva Turbiner, President and CEO: Zufall Needs Your Help on Giving Tuesday, November 30

For Zufall Health and its patients, it has been a very challenging two years. But, thanks to supporters like you, Zufall Health continues to combat COVID-19 with vaccinations, testing, and strategic outreach—all while maintaining our commitment to high-quality, affordable medical, dental, and behavioral health services for vulnerable New Jersey residents.

We could not have made it through this difficult period without you. Yet so much work remains to create equal opportunity for members of our community to achieve good health.

Your generosity creates much-needed resources for our patients. Two weeks from today, November 30, 2021, is Giving Tuesday, the world’s largest day of online giving, that empowers organizations like Zufall. You can help to make a true difference for those who need it most with your contribution on this special day.

Mercedes, a Morris County resident, is among the tens of thousands of individuals who benefit from your compassion. In the past eighteen months, Mercedes has navigated a series of health crises with her Zufall providers.

“It was like she was my sister,” Mercedes described Maria, her primary point of contact at Zufall’s Morristown Health Center, even though they did not meet in person until October 2021, almost a year after they started meeting via telehealth services.

Mercedes’ life and health changed dramatically through her relationship with Maria and Zufall. Most significantly, Maria worked diligently by phone with Mercedes to enroll her in an affordable insurance plan so that she could undergo an essential biopsy for suspected breast cancer. Without medical coverage, the procedure would have cost Maria thousands of dollars which she could not afford.

“I was jumping up and down with happiness because I finally had health insurance.” She had previously lived 19 years without medical coverage.

On November 30, check your email for our follow-up Giving Tuesday message so that you can offer the gift of affordable, quality healthcare to NJ residents like Mercedes. In addition to your donation, you can enlist help from your family and friends on Facebook by creating your own fundraiser. Facebook matches donations made on Giving Tuesday up to $8 MM starting at 8:00 AM EST.

Thank you for your kind consideration and for being a part of the Zufall Health community.

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