American Academy of Pediatrics Publishes Advice from Zufall Pediatrician Christine Pagano, M.D., About Keeping Kids Safe from Batteries

Christine Pagano, M.D., a pediatrician in Zufall’s Dover location, was published in October 2022 in the American Academy of Pediatrics’ digital publication Dr. Pagano’s article, “How can I protect my child from the dangers of lithium coin and button batteries?” addresses the growing problem of kids being admitted to emergency rooms for swallowing batteries, which are harmful to the body.

Dr. Pagano writes:

“In just 2 hours, lithium coin batteries can cause lifelong injury due to severe burns to the lining of the throat, esophagus, stomach, nose or ear. Nearby structures like the windpipe, lungs and large blood vessels can also be damaged. Even ‘dead’ batteries that can no longer power a device can still cause serious trauma to children’s bodies.”

Parents and guardians should be aware and vigilant about the many everyday devices in their homes where these batteries may be found, including remote controls, scales, and key fobs.  The best approach is to prevent children’s access, Dr. Pagano advises.

Read the full article from Dr. Pagano.

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