Meet Your Provider: Katheryn Grajales, PA-C

Katheryn Grajales, PA-C, thrives on teamwork at Zufall Health – Morristown. As a physician assistant (PA), Grajales collaborates closely with colleagues, patients, and families to deliver comprehensive care for vulnerable individuals and families.

Grajales particularly enjoys engaging in dynamic discussions with her colleagues. Together, they explore ideas, theories, and diagnoses to develop effective treatment plans and facilitate access to resources for their patients.

Partnering with patients and their loved ones is equally vital, Grajales says.

“A great example is when a case manager and I supported a patient with diabetes management.” Grajales recalls. “We helped her enroll in Medicare, handle outstanding legal matters, and transition into retirement, ultimately allowing her more time to make some critical lifestyle changes that kept her diabetes in check. It was really a team effort.”

On another occasion, Grajales worked alongside the family of a child with disabilities to ensure access to affordable prescription medication and physical therapy services, resulting in the child walking independently for the first time in his life.

Grajales’ experience reflects both Zufall’s collaborative approach and the evolving role of the PA in health care. Created in the 1960s to address provider shortages, especially in underserved and rural areas, the PA profession has since become more self-directed and is a critical part of care teams.

Before becoming a PA in 2015, Grajales served as a Zufall patient representative (PR) for three years, acting as the primary point of contact for patients. Grajales credits this foundational experience of patient interaction with keeping her at the health center all these years.

“From my early days as a PR, I saw how working within a community health center allows me to directly improve the health of individuals facing significant barriers right here in my community,” says Grajales. “Many lack adequate health insurance and would have nowhere else to turn for essential primary care. The appreciation from those we serve is truly rewarding.”

Grajales is a native of Morristown who volunteered with Morristown Medical Center prior to joining Zufall. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Seton Hall University and is board-certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.

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