census 2020 CHALK ART CONTEST Flyer

Chalk Art Contest in North Plainfield and Bound Brook

Zufall Health is hosting a “Chalk Art Contest” for towns with a low response rate to the 2020 Census. We have selected North Plainfield (Census tract 517) with a response rate of 48.1% and Bound Brook (Census tract 511) with a response rate of 44.6% as of July 29, 2020.  We want to help these two towns increase their Census response rates and spread awareness of the importance of everyone being counted. Zufall will be distributing chalk bags to the neighborhoods selected within those two towns. The winner of the Chalk Art Contest is determined by the town that has the greatest response rate change on the Census 2020 response rate map between now and August 17th.

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An image with the heading "A Message to Our Patients and Community". Below the heading are rows of paper cutouts of faces in profile depicting various skin tones. The image is intended to suggest diversity and community.

A Message to Our Patients and Community Regarding Racial Justice

As we’ve watched the public reaction to recent incidents of unfair treatment of people of color by police, we share the concern and outrage regarding abuse of basic human rights. From its founding, Zufall Health has maintained the core value of opposing and overcoming disparities based upon race, ethnicity, religion, language, income, country of origin, or other demographic factors. Correcting inequities in healthcare is a fundamental purpose of Zufall Health.

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Photo of two medical personnel dressed in personal protective equipment standing in front of a medical tent

Direct Relief Awards Zufall $500K grant from Covid-19 Fund for Community Health

Zufall Health is honored to be one of six health centers in the nation to receive a $500,000 grant from Direct Relief’s «Covid-19 Fund for Community Health». Health Centers who received the award are located in COVID-19 hot spots, have expanded activities related to COVID-19 care, and serve communities of color that have been disproportionately affected by the virus. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Direct Relief for their steadfast support of Community Health Centers and the critical work we do to keep our nation’s most vulnerable communities safe during the pandemic and every day. Learn more!