Think you're pregnant?
See your doctor right away, prevent infant defects or death.

The goal of the Improving Pregnancy Outcomes-Community Health Worker (CHW) Program is to improve preconception, prenatal, and interconception care and reduce pre-term births, low birth weight, and infant mortality rates by connecting Morris County underserved women and men to needed services.

The CHWs conduct daily outreach educating the community about the services of the IPO program and assist individuals and families to access health and social service programs by offering resources and case management services.  The CHWs offer frequent community education in the form of workshops and lectures either at Zufall sites or at partnering agencies.

Zufall’s Morris County Improving Pregnancy Outcomes Program has also developed a Community Advisory Board which meets quarterly. The Advisory Board includes Morris County families as well as community-based agencies, service providers, and county and municipal agency representatives, to advise our work and enhance coordination of services.

The Improving Pregnancy Outcomes (IPO) Initiative is funded by the New Jersey Department of Health.