Cancer Screening

Screening – Cancer is Most Treatable in its Early Stages

As part of your routine preventive care, your doctor will order cancer screening tests that can help find cancer before you feel or see anything wrong. Cancer is easier to treat and at times can be cured if found early. Talk with your doctor about what types of cancer screenings are right for you depending on your age and family history. If you have symptoms that concern you, don’t wait until your annual exam but call and make an appointment right away.

Zufall Health offers screening tests for:

  • Cervical cancer by doing a Pap test
  • Breast cancer by doing a breast exam and/or ordering a mammogram
  • Colon cancer by ordering a stool test or colonoscopy
  • Prostate cancer by ordering a blood test.

NJ Cancer Education & Early Detection (NJCEED)

The NJ Department of Health funds a program called NJCEED that helps patients, who are uninsured and who have income less than 250% of the federal poverty guidelines, pay for cancer screening.  In some cases even patients who have health insurance with very high deductibles can be helped by NJCEED.  In Somerset County, Zufall Health manages the funds for the NJCEED program for residents of the county. In Zufall’s other locations, the staff coordinates with the various NJCEED programs to help patients afford cancer screenings.

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