Community Programs

Teen Programs

Based at our Somerville location, Zufall Health provides education, prevention, and outreach services targeted to teens. Our staff offers these programs to schools and local community groups:

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (APPI). The APPI coordinator works full-time with teens in Franklin Township High School in Somerset County. Within the school, the program is called Teens Achieving Goals (TAG). The coordinator works one-on-one with teens to help reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and offers educational sessions to classes regarding all topics related to sexual health and decision making. Workshops and classroom presentations are available to other schools and community groups in Somerset County upon request. For more information, contact Tierney Vagts at 908-526-2335, ext. 133 or by email at

Sexual Violence Prevention & Education. For schools and community groups, Zufall offers two educational components:

  1. A sexual violence prevention program for Somerset County youth to change attitudes and behaviors that contribute to occurrences of sexual violence. The program provides a series of sessions about healthy relationships, bystander intervention, and recognizing toxic media messages through media literacy programs.
  2. Single-session workshops to community and faith-based organizations, school personnel, and health care and other professionals on sexual violence, mandatory reporting, the nature of consent, risk factors, N.J. Sexual Assault laws, and related topics. To find out more, contact Christie Howley at 908-526-2335 x132 or email