Our Providers

Zufall Health is proud of our outstanding staff of providers who received their education and training at some of the nation’s leading schools and institutions.


Medical Providers

Dr. Rina Ramirez, Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Bernadette Baronia-White Physician Family Medicine
Dr. Douglas Bishop Physician Family Medicine
Dr. Jacqueline Blank Physician Women’s Health
Dr. Lynne Carmickle Physician Neurology
Paula Charos Advance Practice Nurse Adult Medicine
Teresa Conklin Advance Practice Nurse Family Medicine
Dr. Jane Cortes Physician Podiatry
Karen Feldman Advance Practice Nurse Adult Medicine
Claudia Goni Advance Practice Nurse Family Medicine
Katheryn Grajales Physician Assistant Family Medicine
Dr. Anjali Gupta Physician Adult Medicine
Dr. Ken Kinoshita Physician Family Medicine
Dr. Amy Kotler Physician Pediatrics
Latoya Lee Certified Nurse Midwife Women’s Health
Dr. Stephen Leviss Physician Women’s Health
Dr. Miriam Maher Physician Internal Medicine & Pediatrics
Lauren Majors Advance Practice Nurse Family Medicine
Evelyn Mazloom Certified Nurse Midwife Women’s Health
Michael Murphy Physician Assistant Adult Medicine
Dr. Henrietta Obidigbo Physician Podiatry
Smitha Prasad Advance Practice Nurse Internal Medicine
Dr. Amy Salerno Physician Family Medicine
Dr. Hilary Stevens Physician Family Medicine
Dr. Mario Szuchman Physician Pediatrics
Dr. Janice Taitel Physician Pediatrics
Dr. Kelly Walsh Physician Family Medicine
Dr. Richard Watson Physician Adult Medicine
Theresa Zito-Maxiner Advance Practice Nurse Adult Medicine
Dr. Lilian Zorrilla Physician Adult Medicine

Dental Providers

Dr. Sam Wakim, Chief Dental Officer
Dr. Juan Alvarez
Dr. Tomas Ballesteros
Dr. Tamara Brown
Dr. Anda Ciora
Dr. Zoey Dimarco
Dr. Aaftab Gill
Dr. Stephanie Lee-Soto
Dr. Antonella Maietta
Dr. Nicole McGrath
Dr. Kathleen Nordman
Dr. Howard Rappoport
Dr. Mark Robinson
Dr. Michael Robinson
Dr. Hemamalini Sarath
Dr. Emmad Sheikh
Dr. David Stein
Dr. Suffiyah Webb
Christine Benato Hygienist
Karoline Genung Hygienist
Juli Hentschel Hygienist

Behavioral Health Staff

Julie Krupinski, Director
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Sarah Aleman Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Yudelka Columna Licensed Social Worker
Jasmine Diaz Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Susan Glaser Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Christie Howley Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Brittanie Scalora Licensed Social Worker
Tierney Vagts Licensed Social Worker

Pharmacy Staff

Elif Ozdener Clinical Pharmacist